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Stump Removal

Tree stumps are most often removed because it is either a hazard or is in the way of some type of construction.

Another not so obvious reason is to help reduce the growth of suckers from the dead tree. If you have ever had “little trees” popping up all over the yard, it is because the stored energy in the stump and root mass will be used to try and generate new leaves to keep the tree growing. Once the stump has been removed it drastically reduces the stored energy and allows the roots to start dying off and will eventually put a stop to your “little trees”.

There is no job too small or too large; we have equipment that will fit through a 36” gate 

Kodiak Stump Grinding can call 811 (Utility Locates) when there is any potential for underground utilities in the area of the stump grinding. Unfortunately there is not a number to call for irrigation lines and from time to time we do hit them with our machines. When we notice that we have damaged an irrigation line, we will repair a damaged lateral line, drip line or head at no charge. More complicated repairs (Mainline, wires, etc.) can be repaired on a time and materials basis.

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