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Challenging and Tight Stump Grinds

Generally the vast majority of stumps we come across are readily accessible and not overly complicated. There are times when a gate has to come off or we have to maneuver around a tight corner or plank in over a flower bed. Then there are times when you walk up to a property to look at a stump and think "there is no way I can get to this one". These are the jobs we pride ourselves on getting done. In all the years that I have done stump grinding, I have only had to tell two clients that I could not do their stump. The two machines we use are both just over nine feet in length and three feet wide which can make a tight spot a real challenge. The photos show one job that had a Russian Olive stump in a nook, against the house, under a window and next to the fence and A/C. The other job shown is a group of stumps on a steep hill, above and below a large retaining wall where we had to attach a cable from a winch to keep the machine from going over the wall and from rolling sideways down the hill (even with the dual-lies on). The last group of photos shows the truck with the winch running to the grinder again as we were grinding a large spruce stump next to a fence, going down hill into the back yard. Grinding down hill is probably the scariest jobs we get because the momentum of the grinding wheel has a tendency to pull the machine over the stump and drag it down hill.

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