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Massive Stump Against 100 Year Old House

This massive ash stump measured just over three feet across where they were able to cut the stem to and over six feet at the base where it flared out. The total height was over two feet tall as the tree was against the block and concrete and could not be cut any lower. As you can see, the tree had grown around the actual block foundation of the house and was in an area less than eight feet across at the widest point. This made removing the stump incredibly challenging as our machine is just over nine feet in length and had to grind the stump straight on (not off the side of the machine) and most of the space we had to work in was about six feet wide. We were able to get to one side of the stump from the parking lot (first couple of pictures) then as we ground out the stump, we had to maneuver the machine over part of the stump and grind from the opposite direction until we had enough of the stump gone so that we could come straight at it to get the last chunk up against the concrete patio. We had to remove as much of the stump as possible so that a concrete walkway could be poured. All that was left when we were done was a very small piece in the corner of the house and the patio that the machine just is unable to get to without the possibility of destroying the block or concrete. This stump took all day to grind out and filled the truck completely with mulch.

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